ZSL London Zoo Sunset Safari 2016 – Summer Events

ZSL London Zoo Sunset Safari 2016

ZSL London Zoo Sunset Safari 2016

ZSL London Zoo Sunset Safari 2016 – summer 2016 events

London Zoo’s Sunset Safari events return in June with a packed schedule of nature trails, feeds, wild talks and Jungle Taxi photo fun in after hours zoo-life.

Sunset Safari 2016 - Jungle Taxi Photo Booth

Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the breadth and beauty of over 700 species in the evening sky, revealing fascinating insights into unusual behaviour of animals at dusk… and that’s just the ticket holders. Once darkness has fallen and the animals have bedded down for the night visitors can relax with some live acoustic music whilst indulging in a number of culinary delights from the Whole Food Market in the safari base camp.

Running every Friday from June 3 to July 15 Sunset Safari will be an opportunity to take part in a range of evening activities, from colourful carnival acts to a conservation station, face painting, safari truck tours and the Jumbo Express steam train to explore and enjoy 600 acres of Bedfordshire bliss.
Visitors (as well as some of the animals) will need to tread extremely carefully around possibly the most wild animal of them all, the jungle safari taxi photo booth . The jungle taxi photo booth will return to its natural habitat at London Zoo and if you are heading there throughout June and July beware of it’s lethal snap, it only looks kindly on cheesy smiles and imaginative animal masks. If you can escape the claws of the Jungle Taxi photo booth we recommend introducing yourself to the Gorillas (not literally) before star gazing at the Lookout Café.

Between the rhinos, tigers and Jungle Taxi roaming blissfully in their grassy homes, other delightful happenings include awe-inspiring acrobats, stilt walkers and gymnasts as they celebrate the Animal Kingdom through the medium of dance during their ‘Enter the Safari’ performances.

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Photos from the first Sunset Safari event on the 3rd June

Tickets are on sale now and you have the options for an extra treat this year with a delicious Sunset Safari picnic – buy tickets here.

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