Zankyou Wedding List

Zankyou Wedding List

Zankyou – A Free Online Wedding Gift List Service

Europe’s leading online wedding gift list service, Zankyou, is a free wedding website offering inspiration and professional advice to help couples organise their wedding.

In 2007, Zankyou recognised a gap in the online market for couples to plan their wedding with their own personal wedding webpage. Today, Zankyou’s wedding service is now available in 18 different countries and in 8 languages, and in 2012 it was reported that over 70,000 couples created their own wedding website on Zankyou.

Zankyou Wedding Gift List Service

The service provides couples with their own gift list, with the gifts they want, whether they are from Zankyou’s own gift ideas catalogue or created by the couple themselves.
Couples also have the option to produce a honeymoon gift list and create travel stages to inform the guests of their honeymoon. A couples honeymoon gift list can be as general or as specific as they wish for e.g. “Contribution to our honeymoon”, or they have the option of listing a number of gifts on the gift list page that their guests can contribute towards, from a romantic meal in Lake Como, to tickets to sky dive or even snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. In return the couple can share with their friends and family their wedding agenda, maps, photos, videos and recommended hotels and much more.

The new free mobile app from Zankyou for iPhone and Android, allows couples to access their wedding website and wedding list anywhere, at any time. That means they can add gifts and send thank you messages to their guests directly from their phone.

Zankyou allows couples to transfer all the funds contributed in their gift list to their personal bank account, giving the couple peace of mind to use the money as they wish. Their highly regarded international customer service team pride themselves on supporting couples signed up to the service from beginning till the end.

For more information and Zankyou’s UK fees head over to the website today.