The magical murals at Miami's Wynwood Walls | Monthly Travel Segment

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls


During a recent holiday to Miami, Megabooth’s resident photographer Ben visited the magical murals at Wynwood Walls.

Wynwood Walls | Travel Photography segment by Ben

Wynwood Walls Murals | Travel Photography segment by Ben

I have been to Miami many times before and seen all the main tourist attractions such as Miami Beach, the art deco district and Collins Avenue to name a few. However, I wanted to find something different in the city, something that would be an extraordinary photographic experience. Then came the suggestion of the Wynwood Walls.

History of Wynwood Walls

In the 1970’s Wynwood or the so-called ‘selfie neighbourhood’ was once a collection of dull fading warehouses, until the turn of the millennium when an entrepreneur by the name of Tony Goldman had a vision for more.

Wynwood Walls Body Shop | Travel Photography segment by Ben

Tony Goldman’s vision for Wynwood to become an open-air art gallery, and in 2009 Wynwood was officially opened with the Miami Art Basel as the neighbourhood’s  art of appreciation. It was and still is a place where artists could come and see the outdoor walls as a blank canvas for them to express their art.

Wynwood Walls Murals 1 | Travel Photography segment by Ben

Today, Wynwood is pedestrian friendly and includes artistic murals all around. The carefully preserved central pedestrianised area of the Wynwood Walls display paintings that continuously change as artists come and go through Wynwood to find inspiration.

Wynwood Walls Shop Front| Travel Photography segment by Ben

My experience of Wynwood

While I was on my way to my first experience of Wynwood, the sunshine state of Florida did not live up to the standards I expected as the weather was a lot like home. Very wet, rainy and windy, which were not ideal conditions to be out taking pictures.

However, I did not let the weather dampen my experience of Wynwood. Walking around the neighbourhood filled with fantastic art and photo opportunities quickly inspired me to explore.

Wynwood Walls Murals 2 | Travel Photography segment by Ben

Wynwood Walls Street | Travel Photography segment by Ben

Wynwood includes everything from colourful murals of a baby hulk and graffiti quotes, to abstract paintings and impressive sculptures. The artistic sights aren’t the only attractions in Wynwood, a short walk away you’ll pass through retro car garages, coffee shops, deluxe thrift stores and unique boutiques that are available to come and have a look around.

Wynwood Walls Museum | Travel Photography segment by Ben

Overall, I had a great experience at Wynwood. I took a heap of photos, saw many interesting sights and had some great coffee at Zak The Baker. Highly recommend visiting Zak if you’re a coffee lover! If you admire artwork head to Miami to visit Wynwood, you’ll have a fantastic time regardless of the weather.

Wynwood Walls Street art | Travel Photography segment by Ben

Article by Ben Hoppen – Megabooth’s resident photographer





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