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Why Do We Love Taking Photographs?

From the first-ever camera, the camera obscura in the seventeenth century, to the current day where we can take fantastic photographs from our smartphones, a love of photography has continued throughout the ages. Capturing stunning landscapes, momentous family occasions, portraits or even a single raindrop falling from the sky has become second nature. So, why do we love taking photographs?

  • They provoke emotions

Time passes so quickly, and once it has gone, it can never be recovered. Taking a photograph captures the moment and gives you the opportunity to feel those feelings again. Your baby’s first smile, the stillness of a forest glade, the happiness at your friend’s wedding. Photographs can stir the emotions that you first felt.

  • To tell a story

Each image that we take tells a story. Behind each photograph is a tale that can be told. Telling stories is innate within our culture, and photos allow the story to be told through imagery and visuals.

  • To make a lasting impression of a fleeting moment

In our busy lives, it can be easy to forget special moments in your life. Photographs give you the opportunity to revisit special times and remember the event in the entirety.


Why do we Love Taking Photographs | Megabooth blog

With the rise of smartphones has come the rise of the amateur photographer and now we can return to situations whenever we like. The joy of photographs should not be underestimated, so if you have a picture that you particularly love, print it off. Make it tangible. Make it part of your every day, rather than solely accessible through a screen. The Epson XP-205 is the perfect printer for your photos, so buy photo paper, use superior ink for the Epson XP-205, and get printing!
Frame it, hang it, or give it to friends and loved ones; share your story and provide the opportunity for others to join you. Photographs are a wonderful way of sharing a little piece of your joy.






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