Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding fun from inside the black taxi photo booth

We love helping the bride and groom plan their wedding day and it’s easy to forget what impression our photo booths have on their unforgettable day…so we got a photographer to capture all the special moments from in and outside our black taxi photo booth at a stunning wedding at Blenheim Palace.

This is what we learnt…

Tell your guests

Don’t let our taxi photo booth hide in the corner, shy and inconspicuous, away from all your guests, sad and lonely. Make some signs and tell your guests to bring their smiles and fill the night with memories to last a lifetime.

Pick your props

We have a fantastic selection of props, handpicked for every event. Prepare your props and don’t get caught like a deer in headlights when the countdown begins…

There is prop etiquette to consider, for instance, it’s essential to get ‘prop approval’, no one wants to look ridiculous in oversized glasses, a fake moustache and a top hat…

Mix and matching styles also have surprisingly interesting and colourful results, our favourite combos normally involve a mushroom hat…

Get the lads in

It’s amazing what a photo booth can do to the Goodfellas’ gang. They hold off all night, too cool for school and eventually cave in when their better half forces them to have a photo. Once the first one is done and printed in hand, it’s impossible to pull them away. It normally gets close to the end when one of them asks for a lift home… you can imagine how many times we’ve heard that one.

Show the in-laws and get the elderly relatives in early

You will find that the in-laws are curious and the older relatives are intrigued as to how a photo booth takes place inside a taxi. They sometimes require a thorough explanation and some encouragement to jump in the back of faux grass filled the black cab, but much like the lads, once they pop their photo booth cherry we have to remind them there’s a wedding going on.


In 2014, Collins English Dictionary named “photobomb” Word of the Year and we can see why. Jump in on a couple having a romantic moment or pull faces behind friends; it’s those childish moments that create so many fond memories.

Just don’t get caught…

Get the entire gang involved for one last photo

We get asked the question at every event, ‘sooo, how many people can you get in the back of the taxi’ we normally pluck a number out of the air hoping to avoid a repeat car suspension breaker, but our hopes are dashed when the bride invites her sisters, bridesmaids, cousins, cousins friends and cousins friends friends.




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