Tropicana Essentials Vitality Campaign | Brand Experience

Tropicana Essentials Vitality Campaign

Tropicana Essentials Vitality – Beat the Yawn campaign at Waterloo Station

Tropicana Essentials distributed free samples of all four flavours to commuters at Waterloo Station. Designed to improve everyday health and well being, each bottle of Essentials Vitality targets those that find it difficult to stifle the yawns and need a pick me up.

Tropicana brand ambassadors encouraged commuters at Waterloo to Beat The Yawn with a custom photo opportunity at the centre of the stand. Participants watched a 40-second video of different scenarios of people yawning, and if they made it to the end yawn-free, they were awarded a Triumph souvenir photo. If commuters succumb to the yawn, a brand ambassador was on hand to discuss the benefits of the drink with a much-needed bottle of Essentials Vitality.

Tropicana Essentials Vitality Stand Waterloo Station

Tropicana Essentials Vitality Tropicana Stand

Tropicana Essentials Vitality Photo Opportunity

Tropicana Essentials Vitality Samples at Waterloo

Driven by the Essentials hashtag #ListenToYourBody, commuters shared their triumph photo for a chance to win a £200 spa voucher.

Tropicana Beat The Yawn Video

Beat The Yawn video greeted commuters

Tropicana Essentials Vitality Triumph photo

Made it! Time for the triumph photo

Tropicana Photo Branding

Tropical Essentials #Listentoyourbody photo opp

Tropicana Essentials Vitality Data Capture

Data Capture 

Tropicana Essentials Vitality Photo Print Out

Personalised photo branding 

Tropicana Essentials Vitality

Initials Marketing and DHB Group curated the Tropicana stand.

Stats from 2 live days at Waterloo Station

  • 335 photos
  • 380 prints
  • 250 email uploads

The Essentials Vitality targets those who feel they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Bursting with great taste, the fruit and veg juice range contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitality helps maintain your health as part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. You can view the full range here.

Prior to the Waterloo activation, we provided a branded open air photo experience at Tropicana Pepisco offices. You can view the photos from the internal event below;

Tropicana Pod Design

Tropicana Essentials Vitality Photo Pod

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