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Travel Photography Blog – Hong Kong

Travel Photography Blog - Hong Kong

Travel Photography Blog – Hong Kong

Travel Photography – Hong Kong

If you are interested in travel and photography, this blog is for you. Last month I went on a trip travelling the east coast of Australia, starting in the city of Adelaide. To break up the long haul flight to Australia, I decided to explore the halfway point, Hong Kong. This two-part article will contain useful travel photography tips, along with information about the sights to see in each destination.

As soon as you arrive in Asia, you can sense the change in culture. Hong Kong offers a fantastic variety of what once was a British Empire to a bustling Cantonese city.

If Hong Kong is on your travel itinerary in the future, the sights listed below are for you. Below is my experience of where I visited in Hong Kong, coupled with images along with some travel photography techniques.

Taking photographs en route to the Big Buddha

As the next day arrived, I visited one of the largest Buddha’s in the world. The Big Buddha. What added to the thrill of getting there, the easiest way to reach the Buddha from the city is by a 25-minute cable car through the vast rainforest.

Hong Kong Cable Car

Hong Kong Cable Car

Travel Photography Tip – As you can see in these pictures the fog that day was so strong, but I like these images as the mist adds a dramatic edge. To deal with the fog and the cable car in motion, I elected for a fast shutter speed. I would recommend this to everyone to capture everything sharp. It is also important to keep an eye on the exposure. This is because the fog can allow the picture to be easily whited out.

Visit the Po Lin Monastery

The cable car arrived in a culturally themed village where the Big Buddha is situated, known as the Ngong Ping Village. A short walk away is the Po Lin Monastery, which is one of the most famous Buddhist monasteries in Hong Kong.

The pictures below show fascinating architecture and design that went into this beautiful religious sanctum.

Travel Photography Tip – Make sure the focus on bringing out the colours of the monastery rather than the sky. This is a skill within itself.

Hong Kong Monastery

Take photos of the Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha)

Next, to the monastery, you find the spectacle that is the Big Buddha, otherwise known as the Tian Tan Buddha. The pictures below show why this is one of the most visited attractions in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Buddha

Hong Kong Buddha

Travel Photography Tip – Make sure you wait for everyone to move out the way. As you can see, I learnt from this mistake. 🙂 Also, make sure you keep both the background and foreground in focus.

Take a trip on the Kowloon Bay Ferry

After I had completed the cable car ride back into the city, I went to the ferry station to embark on my next tourist task. Taking the ferry across Kowloon Bay while viewing Hong Kong’s stunning city landscape, which offers a wealth of visual drama.

Travel Photography: Hong Kong - Kowloon Bay

Travel Photography Tip – Get as creative as possible. Find every viewpoint of what you want to photograph. Then focus on composition.

Capture every angle at Victoria Peak

The final attraction that I could fit into my day in Hong Kong was visiting Victoria Peak, which is the highest viewpoint in the city. This point is mainly accessible by a classic tram, which has made this journey since 1888. This journey is a sight within itself as you ascend to the viewpoint, passing all the skyscrapers in the city. When you reach the peak, you have various perspectives to visit and different angles to photograph the Hong Kong skyline. Below are the different aspects of the city that I took.

Photography - Hong Kong Skyline: Day Photography

Hong Kong Skyline: Night Photography

Travel Photography Tip – Use a small aperture; for example, f16 and above. This will keep most of the frame sharp and crisp. Adding to this, when you are taking skyline images, walk around to find the best angle for your picture.

If this article has inspired you to want to pursue travel photography, here is a link to The Planet D article on which travel photography gear to buy. More inspiration including travel photography is from our 48-hour trip to Berlin.

Hong Kong is a fantastic city to explore with your camera. Visiting all these sights in one day gave me a sense of accomplishments when leaving. With anyone who has aspirations of travelling there, it is highly recommended!





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