The SAG Awards® - 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild

The SAG Awards®

The SAG Awards® – 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild

The 24th Annual SAG Awards® followed the Golden Globes with leading actors calling for change within the entertainment industry. We imagine the call for change will be even more profound at this year’s Oscars. Hollywood actor Kristen Bell hosted the female powered ceremony which saw Three Billboards win big and Nicole Kidman laud acting roles for women over 40.

24th Annual SAG Awards - Show, Los Angeles, USA - 21 Jan 2018

Photo by Vince Bucci

The star studded SAG Awards® is often praised by critics for its style, simplicity and genuine warmth. Since the first Screen Actors Guild in 1995 actors have told the audience a brief biographical anecdote from their past or about their craft. From 2003 actors began telling their stories, typically closing with their name and the signature line, ‘I am an actor’.  As 2018 is a year of hopeful change for all, executive producer Kathy Connell and the committee broke the long standing tradition by inviting Kristin Bell to be the first ever host.

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The SAG Awards® Official Instagram GIF

They reinvented the celebrity photos with an animated GIF that featured the actors signature being handwritten digitally on the photo. Our interpretation of this is that actors are making their presence known ‘I am an actor’. A hint towards the award ceremony’s glittering past maybe? This is by no means the factual reason but we wanted to make our interpretation a tenuous link between the two!

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We also like to think the actors are signing off with the old and embracing the new with their own animated GIF. The photo was complete with the 24th Annual SAG Awards logo and ceremony sponsor TNT.

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