The Megabooth Cloud

The Megabooth Cloud

Introducing The Megabooth Cloud at your next event

It’s been an exciting week at Megabooth HQ, we’ve introduced Mobile Printing, that allows you to print directly from your phone and now we have the Megabooth Cloud. The rapid rise of cloud-based services has revolutionised how organisations handle their technology infrastructure and operations, and now it can have huge impact with one of our photo booths at your event.

The Megabooth Cloud is the simplest way to have event photos hosted on your own website. The service requires very little set up, so don’t go and book that technical coding course just yet. We provide  a tiny bit of code, or widget, that needs to be inserted (copy and paste) onto a single page of a website; from there the photos  will go directly from the photo booth to the cloud. Visitors can then view their photos on the dedicated page of a website via a unique passcode printed on each picture or by scanning a QR code, this protects users privacy by only allowing them access to their photos as opposed to complete public gallery.

Megabooth Cloud

The benefit of using QR codes is the option to drive traffic to a site or social media channel by an embedded link within the code. Users can then access the photos directly from the site, where they can share their photos and videos to social media pages. The social media updates can be customised to include relevant content, hashtags and company name. Alternatively, for the user, the QR code can link directly to the photo itself, giving instant access to their photos, without the need for a social media kiosk.

If you’re promoting a new product, holding a large exhibition or launching a new online store and throwing a big party our new Megabooth Cloud based software may just be the perfect addition when you book your next photo booth with us.

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