Swatch celebrated the re-opening of its London Store by releasing a new watch – the #SwatchOxSt. To coincide with the re-opening and the unveiling of the new watch, the event featured a custom light tunnel, digital booth and hashtag printing station. 

Swatch’s plush renovation at Oxford Street represents the brands shift to a more modern digitised store. New shop elements included interactive touch screens that allowed shoppers to customise their very own Swatch X You design.

To maximise engagement the flagshop store showcases around 700 different watches for potential customers to try on before purchasing.

As part of the event and reopening of the store, the iconic watch brand launched #SwatchOxSt watch. 313 units were available for sale, the number commemorates the number of the store – 313 Oxford Street, London. 

The #SwatchOxSt Event

The exclusive event featured a champagne reception and dancers in multicoloured suits to greet guests on arrival. Store visitors could then view the concept store and the new #SwatchOxSt watch. To kick off proceeding custom branded hashtag  printing station displaying images from Instagram with the hashtag #SwatchOxSt. Customers could view and print off a personalised Swatch photos.


After the drinks reception, guests went on to the after-party held at Toy Room Club. Waiting for them at the Toy Room was our brand new Light Wall background accompanied by branded GIF Booth. The Light Wall is perfect for creating a customisable, aesthetic photo experience. The array of multicoloured lights are available in strobes, multi-colour display or in one colour. Swatch increased the social media handle for this event by adding the #SwatchOxSt logo onto the light wall. 


Overall we would say the combination of the Hashtag Printing Station, Light Wall and GIF Booth provided fantastic, interactive content for users on the night. Maximise your brand exposure online by hiring our customisable Light Wall.  





Can the Light Wall be customised?

Yes, branding can be added directly onto the Light Wall. Send us your designs and we can quote you for a fully branded Light Wall.

Are the lights on the Light Wall available in different colours?

The lights on the Light Wall are available in an array of colours. You can also customise the way you want the lights displayed. Strobes, a multi-colour display or one colour layout are the options you can select for our Light Wall.

What products can you combine with the Light Wall?

The Light Wall can be combined with most of our products. However, we recommend the Light Wall be combined with a GIF Booth, photography or videography.

Can you add branding to the prints on the Hashtag Station?

We can brand all elements of the photo experience, this includes hashtag printing station- a great tool for increasing brand exposure on social media.

How many members of staff are recommended with the Light Wall and combined products?

We usually provide two members of staff to supervise both the Light Wall and the product it’s combined with. Members of staff accompany these products to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible.


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