Stylist Live 2017 - Star on a Stylist Front Cover Photo Experience

Stylist Live 2017

Stylist Live 2017

Stylist Live 2017 – Star on a Stylist Front Cover

Pop art played an integral part of Stylist Live 2017. A design inspired by broadcaster, author and super mum Fearne Cotton’s recent front cover. To celebrate pop art Stylist created a photo experience to encourage visitors to star on their own pop art front cover.

Stylist Live 2017 Stand

Stylist Live 2017 | Star on a stylist front cover

The show took place at the brand new home of Olympia London. Across three action packed days at Stylist Live 2017 visitors could immerse themselves in the magazines annual festival of inspiration. The show had a plethora of exciting pop up boutiques including sumptuous food delicacies, fashion exclusives and celebrity interviews. Plus some boozy book readings for good measure!

Stylist Live 2017 Photo Experience

Stylist Live 2017 Pop up cover star

Stylist Front Cover Photo Experience

Inspired by pop art artist Roy Lichtenstein the cover photo shoot enforced and empowered visitors to embrace art and creativity. Pop art inspired an art movement that emerged in Britain and the United States during the mid- to late-1950s. The movement presented a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular and mass culture. Roy Lichtenstein developed a pop art style that was based on the visual vernacular of mass-communication: the comic strip. Black outlines, bold colors and tones rendered by Benday dots (a method of printing tones in comic books from the 1950’s and 60’s).

Stylist Live 2017 Branded Photos

Stylist Live 2017 | Hashtag Printing Station

Hashtag Printing

This year, Stylist Live played host to an exciting partnership with Nissan Juke Envy. They created an interactive area in the VIP terrace with a pool filled with blue foam. A concept created to encourage visitors to take snaps of themselves jumping mid air into the pool. The photos captured and shared on social media could be printed from the Nissan Juke branded Hashtag Printing Station.

Stylist Live 2017 | #Stylistlive |

Stylist Live 2017 cover star photo experience was a resounding success across the three days with queues stretching through the show Statistics collected below;

Images captured in three days – 2000 plus
Images printed in three days – 3500 plus
Posts on social media – 644
Individual users – 526
Reach – 13,498,327
Impressions – 13,760,574

A special mention to some of the delicious vegan delights we indulged in at Stylist Live 2017. Our favourites include Bol Foods, Rebel Kitchen and Hippeas – thanks for the free crisps.

For more information on creating your own branded space with a creative photo experience read our recent blog post. 





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