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Studio Booth

kardashian photobooth

Studio Booth

Are you looking for that flawless style photo booth? Look no further than our premium studio booth for events.


The Studio Booth. The perfect choice for those Instagram savvy snaps. Inspired by the infamous ‘Kardashian style’ photo booth, the studio booth promises high-quality images in a range of different filters. We are not talking about your usual post office photo booth here. We are talking about a booth coming equipped with professional studio lighting, instant printing, and social media sharing. Believe us, this booth guarantees to be a hit at any event.


Image Quality for the studio booth


As you can see below, the image quality of the photos is clear, crisp, and colourful. Achieving flattering lighting is every user’s goal, and it’s safe to say we’ve achieved that here.


Studio booth black and white megaboothStudio booth black and white 1 - Megabooth



We make sure all our products reach a certain level of versatility and the same goes for the studio booth. With the ability to take pictures and print from a range of various filters, the choice of tone and colour is yours.


As well as this, our software ensures that the studio booth can create GIFs and boomerangs to match up with high-quality images. GIFs and boomerangs can be great for brands, in the example below we created an animated overlay of a company logo flashing through the screen over the image.


black and white photobooth


GIFs and boomerangs are great to use for weddings and parties as they can create fun and great content for social media.


This booth can also perform social media sharing across various platforms. You can post photos straight onto your feed and reap the rewards that the studio booth has to offer.


Megabooth Recommends


We specifically recommend hiring this booth with a plain white background for that ‘Kardashian effect’. Keep it simple to ensure the immaculate quality that this product creates.


We recommend using this booth in a one-picture format to allow the quality of this product to shine through.

studio booth colour photo megaboothkardashian studio booth


You can hire this booth with our classic photo pod or with one of our professional photographers. If the event’s focus is brand exposure, we would recommend a photo pod because of its branding opportunities. The case where we would recommend a professional photographer is when you would like a custom edit onto the photos to ensure that flawless look. Enquire today and see how the studio booth can suit your event.

See the latest celeb Kendall Jenner making use of a similar version of the studio booth.