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Stay At Home Photo Projects

Water Splash Photography - Stay at Home Photo Projects

Stay At Home Photo Projects

We’ve listed three photo projects you can partake in all while staying at home. 

With the global lockdown still in place, it’s a struggle to find ways to be creative. That’s why we’ve listed three home photo projects that are easy to do with objects that you can find around the house. 

3 Stay at Home Photo Projects:

Water Splash Photography

Everyone wants to be the one to create that eye-catching still life image. The usual lighting setup for this shot you would expect to be done in a photography studio with multiple large studio strobes. However, this home photo project works great after creating your lightbox, saving you a lot of $. 

To do this photography project, place the camera on a tripod and angle it to view slightly above the glass of water to capture the moment of the splash. Present the glass of water nicely inside of the lightbox and drop an ice cube or something similar in the glass to create the splash. Furthermore, use an off-camera flash as this will freeze the action. Be sure to point the flash at the background and not the glass as this will capture unsavoury reflections.

Water Splash Photography with lemon - Home Photo Projects

The camera settings I’d recommend would be to use a narrow aperture of f8 or higher and a fast shutter speed that your flash will allow to capture everything sharp and in focus. 

Oil and Water Photography

For this home photo project, you will need a macro lens and a few essential kitchen elements. Macro photography involves photographing small items up close to see what they look like at full scale. Macro lenses work well in combination with oil and water photography as it will capture all the details in the shapes and colours that the oil and water will provide. 

To begin, gather a roughly 20cm rectangular glass container for the oil and water. Next, find a backdrop to go underneath the glass container. Colourful backdrops work best – such as a psychedelic pattern or fabric. 

Once the background is selected, fill the bowl with water till it’s almost full, then add a drop of washing up liquid for extra colour. Stir and leave for around 10 minutes. Next, add cooking oil and feel free to move around the oil to make the layout look aesthetic. Then place the camera on a tripod leaning directly over the oil and water container to capture the action.

Create a DIY Light Box

The process of creating a DIY lightbox for a home photo project is easy and involves using everyday household items such as; a cardboard box, paper clips, strong tape, white paper and a desk lamp. 

The pictures below explain how to set up a DIY lightbox through a step by step guide.

Home Photo Projects - DIY light box
DIY Photo Lightbox - Photography
How to make a photo lightbox
Steps 1-4 creating a DIY Lightbox by 8 days Blog

In terms of lighting, the most straightforward setup involves using a desk lamp on one side of the lightbox and the other side using window light. However, if you have a couple of off-camera flashes try placing them on either side of the lightbox and see what looks better. My recommendation would be to photograph products using different types of lighting techniques and use aperture and shutter speed to see what works best. 





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