Stacey Solomon Wedding Photo Booth

Stacey Solomon’s Wedding Photo Booth

Congratulations to Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash who finally tied the knot at their intimate home wedding in July after it was forced to reschedule due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

The ‘no phone’ rule they had in place meant we were there to capture all the action throughout the day.

We had three different types of photobooth options for the guests. Our first was our vintage white taxi with a three-picture layout. The guests are pictured in the back of the taxi, decorated with flowers, speech bubble props and featuring Stacey and Joe’s pet Dachshund, Peanut. From the iconic body to the interior decor, this is something your guests will remember! 

Stacey Solomon Wedding - White Taxi Photo Booth

Our black and white studio booth was the second option for the guests. This is our “Kardashian style” booth that will make you and your guests look flawless. 

Finally, we offered photography with prints capturing the famous swing on the grounds of their beautiful home.

All three of these booths had completely different vibes, so whether you’re looking for something fun, “Instagrammable” or outside and in nature, we have something for every event, suited to you.

On Stacey’s Instagram (@staceysolomon) she said our Photo Booths were “one of the best things we got for the day” saying “I’d highly recommend a million times over”.

Stacey Solomon Wedding - Studio Black and White Photo Booth


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