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Spring Photography

Spring Photography

Spring Photography by Ben Hoppen

Spring is here everyone, the blue skies have arrived, and I can finally see the (sun)light. I took my

camera to the great outdoors to capture landscape photos of our very green British forests.

The key to landscape photography (especially in the forests) is to look for the available light that the sun is giving (assuming that it’s a beautiful day) and to also look for symmetrical shapes and unusual views. Here are some of my favourites from the day and I’ll explain why I like these images;

Spring Photography by Ben Hoppen

Personally, this is one of my favourite images of the shoot because of all the colours and how the light and shapes portray the seasonal elements. The contrast in colour from the darkness of the trees to the greenery behind it and the sky in the far background with the sun beaming through the canopy of trees.

Spring Photography | Photography tips at Megabooth

This image shows a serene landscape of the countryside with all the greenery starting to bloom at the start of spring.

Spring photography Portrait | By Ben Hoppen

My last photo is another favourite of mine. The portrait makes the tree look as grand as it did in real life. Plus the contrast in the image works well from dark greenery in the foreground to light greenery in the background.

Spring offers so much for photographers, and my mini exploration through the beautiful British forests provided insight into how nature moves on after a harsh winter. I will be back to update the progress and growth that Britain’s forests have to offer.

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