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The Going Sober campaign with Macmillan is an opportunity to swap your whisky for water and your gin for juice and become a Sober Hero throughout October.

Macmillan has joined forces with Morning Gloryville, an immersive morning dance party created by pioneers responsible for sober morning raving and bringing conscious clubbing to the world stage. The Morning Gloryville event in London takes place on October 7th at 6.30am and promises to offer inspirational, energising music and mesmerising visual entertainment, as well as free massages, organic coffee, smoothie bars, yoga, personal motivation from trained and costumed performers and hours of photo booth fun provided by us.

“We were born in London on Wednesday 29th May 2013 and since then have become a global community of events that empower people to “rave your way into the day!” – Morning Gloryville curators

The event should be the inspiration you need to become a sober hero and do something amazing for people with cancer. All the money raised by those Going Sober this October will make sure that Macmillan can be there to help even more people take back control from Cancer.

Becoming a Sober Hero might not mean you have X-ray vision or you get to wear a cape (although you can if you want to) and go out saving your intoxicated friends and foes. But not drinking does mean you’ll gain many heroic qualities, that us beer and wine drinking mere mortals can only dream of.
Staying off the booze (along with a few small improvements to your diet and exercise routine) can mean:
• Increased energy levels, higher productivity
• Clearer head
• No more hangovers
• Sleeping better / snoring less
• Weight loss
• Clearer skin
• Healthier bank balance / Save money
• Sense of achievement
• Fresh approach to alcohol consumption
• Generally feel healthier
• Doing something positive for a good cause

It almost makes you feel better just reading that list doesn’t it?

Anyone over 18 can take part in the Going Sober for October cause and if going cold turkey is leaving you sweating profusely GoSober.org.uk offer some top tops, read about them here.

Let’s raise a glass (of water) and standing proudly beside people facing cancer. Donate now.


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