Shoe Booth

Shoe Booth

New product: Shoe Photo Booth

We all know shoes are a girl’s best friend, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world, so the thinking behind a shoe photo booth was simple, shoespiration! Some men may feel that type of empowerment when they slip on their new brogues, but today it’s all about us ladies…

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We do hundreds of events every year where people get dressed up to the nines wearing glamorous attire from top to bottom and it’s come to our attention of late something is missing from our photos. Whether you’re in the back of the taxi photo booth or standing in front of one our sleek photo pods, shoes don’t get a look in. All that pain endured to wear a 6” stiletto and you can’t even show them off before the blisters and swelling kicks in.

Shoes are a woman’s ‘sole’ mate and no other item of apparel gets us quite as excited as a beautiful pair of heels, so naturally the next move was to create a shoe photo booth to give us shoe envy on a regular basis. With shoe booth you can create your own template photo design and benefit from free animated GIFs. It’s a great opportunity for retailers to launch a new footwear collection and use the social media built into the photo booth to maximise brand exposure – users can share their photos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Email directly from the photo pod.

3 rules of the shoe photo booth – there’s a lot you can tell about someone from their shoes…

1. Pedicures are mandatory – make your toes smile
2. Practice your finest shoe poses
3. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!