Secret Garden Party 2014 Review - Megabooth

Secret Garden Party 2014 Review

Secret Garden Party 2014 Review

Secret Garden Party 2014 – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

What started as a birthday party in the early noughties, Secret Garden Party has established itself as one of the best open secrets across the festival season. Offering the most eclectic mix of musical delights across the festival circuit, and this year, nearly 30,000 sun drenched festivalgoers basked in the beautiful British summertime for four rapturous days.

“This is a serious party!” SGP

The festival site nestles around a shimmering lake that acted as the focal point in front of a natural curved grassy auditorium, the main stage that rivals most thanks to its stunning backdrop.

Megabooth was on hand to capture all the sun-kissed faces inside the Magical Taxi Photo Booth, which left some of the weariest eyes at the end of night question whether they had fallen into some kind of parallel universe.

It wasn’t all work and no play for the Megabooth team either, we watched a secret DJ (we still don’t know their name of) send an audience into complete delirium in a colossal hay bale fortress known as the Colo-silly-um and stumbled across some pumping dubstep from a wondrous cat’s cradle confection of branches and tree trunks at Where The Wild Things Are stage.
The after parties led us to some of the best kept secrets at Secret Garden Party where magic abound and mythical creatures are hidden away amongst the trees in the legendary Artful Badger and The Labyrinth.

One of the most impressive spectacles across the weekend was the fireworks on Saturday night. The light show was something to behold and dazzled an audience before hall of famers, Public Enemy sent everyone into a hip-hop frenzy.

We couldn’t resist snapping some of the mind-altering spaces and vivid dreamlike worlds we visited on the way… no more so than one seemingly locked portaloo that led to a stunning sunflower field.

We’ve put together a short video from SGP, but unfortunately, some of the footage was just too explicit to use!

Watch the antics unfold…

View our Taxi Photo Booth

Music by Clean Bandit – A+E





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