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Safety measures for restaurants during Covid 19

Safety Measures for Restaurants - Hand Sanitiser

Safety measures for restaurants during Covid 19

Restaurants and other businesses can reopen after a three-month hiatus – however, safety measures must be in place. 

The UK government has allowed a range of industries to reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to a close. The establishments that are clear to open from the 4th of July stem from restaurants to pubs, hotels, tourism sites and more. The companies that are reopening must have health and safety measures implemented before they open.  

Restaurants that are due to reopen face a considerable challenge. We’re going to explain the safety measures for restaurants can take to help keep their premises COVID 19-secure.  

5 Safety Measures For Restaurants

Maintain Social Distancing

Restaurants should advise staff and customers to use the 1 metre plus rule both indoor and outdoor the venue. The government is highly recommending installing signage to encourage social distancing. Additionally, restaurants can place 2-metre markers at specific queue points to help the public keep distance. 

Seating must be 2 metres apart. However, if your restaurant doesn’t have much space, the 1 metre plus rule can be applied. Nevertheless, there must be implications such as the inclusion of perspex screens in between tables to stop transmission. 

Avoid using public transport

Encourage customers and staff to travel by car and bicycle. An effective way of doing this is by adding extra parking bays and bike racks (providing the site has the space to do so). 

Encourage hand hygiene with signage

Create signage at the entrance and various areas of your restaurant. Customers and staff can see this and are reminded to wash and sanitise their hands.

Create a queuing system

It would be ideal to create a system where customers wouldn’t need to queue. For example, an online click and collect food service. However, if people want to eat in this won’t be viable so they’ll need a suitable queuing system as a safety measure. 

Using an outdoor space would be the best place to situate a queuing system, but this needs to be accordingly managed – e.g. making sure staff are on hand to direct customers away from traffic and other businesses nearby. Again, if the space isn’t available outside an indoor 2 metre apart queuing system must be enforced. 

Provide hand sanitiser for staff and customers

When wanting to introduce safety measures in restaurants, you want to make sure they are useful and practised by as many people as possible. That’s why implementing hand sanitising stations on the premises is a must.

At Let’s Sanitise we provide hand sanitising stations that have a unique design and can be bespoke branded to your needs. What’s more is the gel within the station complies with WHO formula, and proven to kill 99.9% of germs without the use of water. 

Strengthen your Coronavirus safety plan by using our range of products. 

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