Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Air Race – Ascot Racecourse – 16th -17th August

August brings us to Ascot Racecourse for the Red Bull Air Race World Championships, globally renowned as the fastest and most exhilarating motor sport on the planet. Taking place on the 16th and 17th August, Red Bull Sports ambitious idea to create the most advanced aerial challenge the world has ever seen, has now evolved into an annual event exceeding all expectations.

Red Bull Air Race

A visual spectacle unlike any other, thanks to a combination of high octane, dangerously low altitude and immense manoeuvrability that can only be achieved by 12 of the world’s most exceptional pilots.

The 12 pilots are competing in the Master Class category in eight races across the globe to be crowned 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Champion. The challenge for pilots is to navigate a low-level aerial track made up of air-filled pylons 25 meters high in the fastest possible time, incurring as few penalties as possible.

Red Bull Air Race Photo Booth

An exciting new feature at the 2014 Red Bull Air Race is the introduction to a new generation of talent in the Challenger Cup. 11 talented new pilots from 10 different nations from around the world will get a chance to experience the thrills of the sport and gain valuable experience for the main event that they strive to take part in one day.

Branded Red Bull Booth

We hope to grab all the pilots including the young pretenders taking part in the Challenger Cup to have a picture in our photo booth. A completely customised booth tailored to the energy drink giants requirements.

The Red Bull Air Race global event is underway with races happening at the likes of Abu Dhabi. The full race calendar is below;

1. Abu Dhabi, UAE 28 Feb. /1 March
2. Putrajaya, MAS 17/18 May
3. Gdynia, POL 26/27 July
4. Ascot, GBR 16/17 August
5. Dallas/Fort Worth, USA 6/7 September
6. Las Vegas, USA 11/12 October
7. China 1/2 November

Watch the 2014 Red Air World Championship trailer here.