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Projection Art

Projection Art – Project your campaign through an immersive photo experience

Incorporating projection art into our photo experience is an idea manifested from a number of innovative campaign that caught our eye in 2016. Brands including Adidas, Sony and Harrods have illuminated their marketing campaigns through the powers of light projection and immersive experiences that generate priceless content in an ever changing digital world. 3D projection has revolutionised viral marketing. The technique has been adopted by video artists who use it to project images, video and motion graphics onto the buildings to make them appear as if they are moving, morphing and changing structure.

Most recently an Adidas campaign used a projection of Messi promoting the Adizero f50 Messi boot. The visuals of the campaign took to the streets of Barcelona, using projectors fixed to cars, bikes and even a body harness with Leo Messi at the heart of the campaign.

Our Projector Booth will enhance a brands image by catapulting a campaign over a customer or object that then can be printed with the brand logo, or promotional content, and uploaded to social media networks. The Projector Booth has the option to give users the option to choose different visuals to keep each image completely unique to the individual.

The projector functionality will feature as an integrated service available with our contemporary Photo Pods and dedicated GIF Booths. In addition to this, the service will come with either a white or black structure to maximise the quality of the projection. You can simply cycle through visuals related to your brand, given visitors the option to become part of a wider brand experience.

If you are searching high and low for inspiration for your first experiential campaign of 2017 the projector booth will allow you to interact and engage with your audience you can watch your campaign come to life in the most striking way.



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