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Prepping for a Photo Shoot: A Guide

An upcoming photo shoot will most likely be a little exciting yet scary. Unless you’re a professional model or full of confidence, you might be intimidated at the prospect of having professional photos taken. After all, you’ll not only want to look beautiful, but you’ll want to exude confidence, so you can simply enjoy the experience.
To ensure you are camera ready so a photographer can take the best possible picture of you during a session, find out how to prepare for a photo shoot.

Prepping for a photo shoot

Choose the Perfect Outfit

Think carefully about the clothing you want to wear for a photo shoot. Remember, you might want this photograph to be on your wall for many years to come, so opt for timeless clothing styles to prevent an image from looking dated. You also shouldn’t choose clothing that features logos, busy prints, or vibrant colours, which could detract from your face.

Buy the Right Jewellery

If you want to look as elegant as possible during a photo shoot, you should wear simple yet beautiful earrings that will showcase your personality and style. However, avoid buying jewellery that could irritate your skin and might lead to a rash that could damage your appearance. Visit Blomdahl USA to discover gorgeous, nickel free earrings that will make you pop on a photo.

Make Sure to Eat Before a Shoot

Make sure you eat before you leave your home for a photo shoot. Not only will it prevent troublesome hunger pangs from ruining the experience, but it can also increase your focus and energy levels. As a result, you’ll be willing to try different positions and angles to achieve the best images possible.
If you are booking a family photoshoot, ensure to take snacks for your children, so they can’t complain they’re hungry. For instance, bring nutrition bars or crackers with you, but steer clear of chocolate or coloured food and drinks, which could stain their teeth or clothing.

Hire an Experienced Makeup Artist

If you want to look and feel your best for a photo shoot, you would be wise to hire a makeup artist. Unless you’re confident with contouring, choose an experienced makeup artist to help you feel beautiful as you pose for a photo. They will be able to choose makeup that matches your skin tone and highlights your best features.

Book a Talented Hairstylist

While your current hairstyle might be perfect for everyday life, you might need a little more volume or shine for a photoshoot. For this reason, book a talented hairstylist to help you create the perfect style for your desired photo shoot. Always attend a photoshoot hair ready and bring a brush or comb with you to touch up your style, if you need to.

Groom Your Fingers and Toes

Your nails should not only be clean, but you should also apply a natural coloured nail varnish, such as French tips, nude, or light pink. That’s because a viewer of a photograph will naturally look at the vibrant colours first before looking at the rest of an image.





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