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Post-Lockdown Wedding

As coronavirus struck the UK, the events industry came to a standstill. Fast forward to today, and you can say things have slightly improved. As of the 1st of August, post-lockdown wedding restrictions will be relaxed and a maximum of 30 people can attend the ceremony.

Although it’s considered most people will move the dates of their wedding to the following year. Nevertheless, if the decision is to keep the wedding date as it is this year, we’re here to help. Which is why we’ve assembled tips to share with you on organising your post-lockdown wedding.

Explain the post-lockdown wedding rules to guests

To ensure keeping your guests safe let them know in advance the social distancing rules that will be enforced on the day. Print the information onto the wedding invites along with other information such as the time of the ceremony and the venue.

Consider uninvited guests

Couples that need to exclude guests because of post-lockdown wedding restrictions are put in an awkward position. However, we’ve got a couple of tips to make uninvited guests feel special. We recommend just giving them a phone call. Let them know that there will be a date (hopefully in the near future) where everyone can celebrate together. Also, consider sending party favours to let them know you wish they could be here.

Keep your guests safe

Make sure guests have access to the necessary PPE equipment such as masks and include sanitiser stations positioned at multiple entrances. However, you can combine keeping your guests safe whilst sticking with the necessary colour themes and adding party favours to the wedding. For example, various printing companies are offering a custom design on masks. Many custom printing businesses allow the option of adding the bride and groom’s names in any colour on the front of each mask and hand them to guests as a party favour. Furthermore, our sister company Let’s Sanitise offer bespoke branding to hand sanitiser stations where they will be happy to help on all things weddings.

Create memories

Last but certainly not least, make your post-lockdown wedding a day to remember. What better way to do this is by capturing moments. Include a photo experience at your wedding to give you and your guests an experience they’ll never forget.

Our vintage booth is always a massive hit at weddings. Each photo guarantees amazing quality, whilst fitting in seamlessly with a trendy wooden design.




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