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Photography Exhibitions 2018

Photography Exhibitions to visit in London 2018 – Article by Ben Hoppen

The summer is almost over everyone, and the weather is definitely a shadow of what it once was – there’s a pun in there. It’s time to replace long strolls in the park with loved ones and picnics with friends with one of the many photography exhibitions in London town. It’s time to feel inspired by the photographic art that London has to offer.
Here’s our list of exhibitions worth going to, along with some blurb on why I think they are worth a look.

Earth Photo 2018

When: 23 July to 21 September 2018

Where: The Royal Geographical Society

19-Rosamund-Macfarlane-in-body Image by Rosamund Macfarlane, Earth Photo shortlist | Photography Exhibitions 2018

Earth Photo Shortlist – Rosamund Macfarlane Photography

Why visit: The pieces in this exhibition have been selected from over 1000 entries from 19 different countries. The work on show allows us to gain a better understanding of the world as it is including critical topics in the world that the exhibition focuses on is People, Nature, Place and Change. If you like travel and nature you don’t want to miss this one.

London Nights 2018

When: 11 May – 11 November 2018

Where: Museum of London

Photograph by Nick Turpin, from Through a Glass Darkly | Photography Exhibitions

Photograph by Nick Turpin, from Through a Glass Darkly | Photography Exhibitions


Why visit: An exhibition showcasing dramatic pieces of photography displaying London at night. Hosting over 200 entries by 60 photographers, merging together genres of photography such as portraiture, documentary, conceptual and film. London Nights have it all. If you are interested in night photography or capturing London through your lens, this is the place for you.

Martin Parr

When: Until 3rd December

Where: Tate Modern – Boiler House Level 4 East

The Last Resort 40 1983–6, printed 2002 Martin Parr : Magnum Photos | Photography Exhibitions

The Last Resort – printed 2002 Martin Parr: Magnum Photos | Photography Exhibitions


Why visit: For any budding photographers reading this I recommend looking at Martin Parr for inspiration. Martin Parr is a British documentary photographer who is known for capturing interesting modern photographs. The exhibition hosts many of Parr’s photobooks and photos dating from 1983 to 2007. Have a search of Martin Parr, and if you are interested in his work, I would recommend going to find out more about him at the exhibition at the Tate Modern.

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