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Glitter Cube

Immerse yourself in a world of glitter

The Glitter Cube is the latest shimmering addition to our creative photo experiences. But what is glitter and why do we think adding a bit of sparkle to your photo experience will transform your event. We’ve gone glitter mad.



So why does glitter matter? That may sound like a joke. how can you draw meaning from something that has long been considered meaningless, trite or superficial? Truth be told, you probably shouldn’t spend too long dissecting the purpose of a shiny type of rock that is predominately used to give face painting an extra shimmer and shine. But that’s not what our grand Glitter Cube is all about. We want to break the stigma that glitter represents a kind of feminine frivolity. The Glitter Cube is a statement of intent – very different to the type you find in make up, clothing and cheesy Mariah Carey pop videos from the 90s.


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Glitter History


The Cube offers something closer to the glitters origins. Like all aspects of visual culture, glitter has something to do with cave paintings and the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, Cleopatra – The Queen B (Beyonce) of BCE. We discovered the word comes from the old norse word Glitra, which is a verb that means the same thing that glitter means when used as a verb. We learn something new everyday.


History lesson aside. It seems that humans having been making things sparkle for centuries so introducing it to photo booth world is a natural progression. And what we’ve created is something to behold.  The Glitter Cube is available to hire with one of our Photo Pods or with a photographer and sharing station. If space at your venue is an issue we do offer Glitter walls of all shapes and sizes. Planning a wedding, corporate event or glitzy award evening this photo experience will leave your guests speechless.


Here’s a fact you may not know – the US Army considered shooting glitter out of the tail ends of planes to disrupt radars during World War II, though they didn’t end up doing it.




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