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glitter cube

We want to break the stigma that glitter represents a kind of feminine frivolity. The Glitter Cube is a statement of intent – very different from the type you find in makeup, clothing and cheesy Mariah Carey pop videos from the 90s.

The Cube offers something closer to the glitters’ origins. Like all aspects of visual culture, glitter comes from cave paintings and the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, Cleopatra – The Queen B (Beyonce) of BCE. We learn something new every day.

Garden room large | Photo Room Hire - Megabooth - immersive photo booths


There’s something about a Garden Room that is so universally appealing. They create a tranquil space to retreat to, a secluded little spot to escape the world around you. Green is a symbol of new beginnings.

Designed with faux plants, the Garden Room’s stunning and striking design will inspire your guests.

metallic foil

Metallic Silver foil texture is the latest trend for glamorous photoshoots. Tom Ford kicked off the trend with a pink textured background for their immersive Private Blend Experience at the Time Museum in Beijing.

Glamour is something more than what you wear on your body, and our shiny metallic textured background will add depth to your photos and give your brand a creative visual edge online.

paint room

The immersive Paint Room offers visitors a unique multi-sensory experience. The psychedelic patterns are surreal and disorientating, which when combined create exciting visual content.

The vibrant colours create a mesmerizing and inherently soothing visual effect, giving visitors a truly immersive experience and a feeling they become part of the painting.


Prices start from £2250 for the hire of one of our Photo Rooms. You can hire the room as a standalone immersive space or combine it with a photo experience of your choice. We recommend our Boomerang Gif Pod or a photographer with a social media printing station.


We ask to arrive at a minimum of 4 hours prior to the event start time to ensure we can get the structures set up and secure. Depending on the type of photo experience you’re looking for we may require additional time for set up – please factor this in.


Included in each Photo Room are panels to cover the interior and exterior walls, floor, and ceiling. The Room structures have been designed to give you the ability to take away walls to create a more angled photo or you can lose the ceiling to open up space – please note this is not advised for the LightBox room with our Projector facility. The Garden Room also doesn’t include a ceiling.


The new editor comes with a handful of default blocks such as paragraph, image, gallery, and more, to help you create better standard posts and pages.


Excluding the Garden Room, all our Photo Rooms can be customised with branding. This can be as simple as adding a company logo or creating a fully branded structure. Branded panels range from £1250 to £2500.