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Photo Booth Etiquette at Christmas

Office Christmas Party - Christmas Photo Booths

Photo Booth Etiquette at Christmas

Photo Booth Etiquette – 10 rules for your work Christmas party

Spending an entire evening with the people you work with on a daily basis doesn’t sound like much fun, but when the champagne starts to flow, your Director announces the free bar is open and a delightful selection of canapés are at your disposal, the atmosphere somewhat changes…


Furniture rental company Yahire posted on their blog ‘Your DIY Guide to the Office Christmas Party’ and included a photo pod in their guide – ‘Create some lasting festive memories and some great prints to brighten up the office walls with a few props and the help of a photo pod! Watch as colleagues adorn themselves with Santa hats, elf ears, tinsel and other such hilarious accessories!

Last year we posted about the Christmas Party Season but we were naïve not to mention certain rules to control the level of debauchery. Based on Yahire’s blog post we’ve decided to lay out the fundamental rules to ensure your photo booth etiquette is up to scratch for the festive season. The rules may not apply to everyone reading this but if you are the sort of person who wears a Christmas jumper knitted by your nan or get’s too drunk and often cries at work parties you should continue reading…

We adapted You and Your Wedding’s 10 things Every Groom Needs to Know and this time we thought The Guardian’s ‘Office Christmas Party What Not To Do’ was very topical!

Rule 1 – Attend

It’s an obvious one, but sometimes spending an entire evening with people you work with on a daily basis isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but if you make the effort to attend a Christmas photo booth acts as the perfect ice breaker to ease your way into the evening.

Rule 2 – Dress appropriately

Follow the dress code!

Look, I’m going to say it, don’t take offence, but trying to outwit your fellow colleagues with an outrageous Christmas jumper with flashing fairy lights is old news. Save your Crimbo look for your family lunch and simply pick from our hilarious box of props. Santa’s bag of treats includes turkey heads, Father Christmas masks, reindeer ears, mistletoe and much more.


Rule 3 – Stay the distance

Don’t draw attention by departing early.

Photo booth attendants will cringe if I say this but photos become increasingly more shocking as the night goes on and therefore it creates fond memories and sometimes the photos can act as a helpful reminder if you trying to piece the night together.

Rule 4 – Interact

Break away from your clique of desk buddies.

Much like rule 1 if you’re going to attend you should make the most of it and photo booths have been scientifically proven to improve social interaction. That last point I may have made up, but if you are scientist feel free to test out my theory.


Rule 5 – Say thank you

The drink doesn’t come for free and neither does the photo booth, be sure to show your appreciation to your company because you wouldn’t want to start the new year with your tail between your legs.

Rule 6 – Drink too much

By all means enjoy yourself.

Remember a picture paints a thousand words and your colleagues will collect print outs/evidence throughout the night. Don’t let your intoxicated mind play tricks on you, drink responsibly!

Rule 7 – Be a slave to social media

There’s no need to sit in the corner feverishly updating your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Not only is this extremely antisocial, but never wise if you’ve had a tickle or two. Our Christmas photo booths are GIF enabled and these can be shared directly on social media – so keep the uploads to minimum.


Rule 8 – Become a work-talk bore

Please leave this talk at the office. Our booth attendants want to be involved in the merry spirit of the evening and not an agony aunt for your trials and tribulations

Rule 9 – Make a beeline for the mistletoe

Think long and hard about this at your WORK Christmas party, but one guarantee is we will have the mistletoe at the ready …

Rule 10 – Cry

There’s always one!

Just don’t…

Office Christmas Party - Christmas Photo Booths





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