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Permanent Install Booth

Permanent Install Photo Booth – Boothclub Custom Software


Megabooth’s new permanent install booth’s, designed for bars, restaurants and retail stores. They give your business a revolutionary way to connect with your customers and as a result, converts it into user-generated marketing. For this reason, this strategy has become increasingly adaptable with the advent of digital technologies, involving social media and interactive sharing tools like photo booths.


Permanent Install Booth - Boothclub Software
Boothclub Photo Booth Software | Wall Installation


A permanent photo booth residency for your business


A wall mounted photo booth provides an excellent opportunity to maximise exposure on social and collect data through our GDPR compliant booths. An example of this is for fashion outlets, customers can show off their new purchases on social media – free advertising!


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Laki Kane Permanent Install Booth - Boothclub Software



The wall mounted booth comes equipped with a vanity mirror encased in a 360º dimmable LED beauty light to make you look perfect. An adjustable wall mounted design that saves valuable floor space. The booth also reduces the risk of damage to the booths and patrons. The secure structures have a simple touch screen interface that is accessible to any age group. Furthermore, we offer a circular and hexagonal design. This look is finished in sleek brushed aluminium, with three colourway options. Style over substance.

Boothclub Software


Permanent Install Booth - Boothclub GDPR Data CaptureBoothclub Photo Booth Software | Wall Installation Custom Filters


The custom Boothclub app offers a platform for business to create engaging visual content with the touch of a button. The booth club app packs a ton of high-quality customisable features tailored to your every need. Choose from photos, vintage photo strips, gifs, boomerangs and video.

The permanent booths come with analytics reporting. This will help you build an email list while making your business even more engaging! We provide a full-service agreement including monitoring performance, full maintenance and replenishment and technical support throughout your hire period.

How much do you value data? Contact us today to learn more about our permanent install booth option.





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