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Semi-Permanent Gif Booth Installation

Permanent GIF Booth for Christmas

Hire a Semi-Permanent GIF Booth installation for Christmas

Stand out against the competition with a semi-permanent gif booth installation for Christmas. A photo booth offers an interactive way to engage with customers over the festive season. A one of a kind branded photo experience can add value to your business that online promotions can’t compete with. They offer instant shareability with exciting visual content that has the potential to go viral.

Are you looking to build an email database of your customers? This might be the most significant element of installing a semi-permanent photo booth over the Christmas period. Entertain your customers by giving them a digital branded keepsake of their visit and build up a reliable database with our fully GDPR compliant data capture facility. Let’s consider your footfall during Christmas; can you honestly say you capitalise on the high volume of consumers during the season of giving? Collecting data to develop a customer profile has the potential to shape your business in the future.

Find our GIF Booths in London and Mainland Europe

We have permanent GIF booths in Karl Lagerfeld Stores in the UK, Germany and France and continue to run in-store campaigns for Boohoo, Accessorize and a Red Bull installation in London. We offer an abundance of features and functionality to suit your brand or store, every booth set up can look and feel different. Best of all, the sleek slimline freestanding units take up minimal floor space.

Before photo booths, retailers would need to find ways to entice customers into their store. Generally, this wash achieved through dated promotional flyers or gift vouchers. By installing an immersive experience for Christmas, you can celebrate the joy of the festive season and share it with your customers.

Whether you hire a photo booth for 4 weeks, 4 months or 4 years, we will provide a full-service agreement that includes full support for the hire period. Enquire today and find out more about our seasonal installations.


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