Tasty custom GIF booth


2018 Best Events No 5:  Tasty at Taste of London

Buzzfeed’s foodie division Tasty comes in at number 5 on our list of the best events in 2018. They certainly win the award for the most original Boomerang of the year. The personalised GIF booth for Tasty provided visitors with an opportunity to recreate a funny cooking scene. 

Boomerang acts, as you might have guessed, like the visual version of a boomerang. There’s nothing trivial or technical about it. It’s a very short, looped video that’s played in forwarding motion, then rewound to the beginning. It’s an ideal medium for video content with movement, specifically movements that appear to defy physics when played in reverse – remember Coldplay’s “The Scientist” video? We do, it was 2011. So if you still think you’re ahead of the trend with Boomerangs you more likely to be the butt of the joke. Sorry.

Mastering a Boomerang

Mastering a Boomerang worthy of a social media post is no mean feat. It may seem straightforward but capturing a decent semi-entertaining Boomerang can be a bit of a challenge.  Less can be much much more. A well-timed air kiss or jump is crucial but adding layers to your photo will give your audience an excuse to revisit your Boomerang over and over again. Set in the Tasty Kitchen, visitors put on their aprons and used cakes, eggs and flour to create their GIFs.

Buzzfeed’s Tasty division produces delicious snack-sized ideas and recipes you want to share. Their mouth-watering videos receive one of the highest numbers of shares on Instagram and Facebook. The Boomerangs at Taste of London made hilarious visual content to engage with their audience in a world where digital content needs to stand out from the crowd. 

We don’t advise cooking in this nature at home, but for a Boomerang, we just love it.

We challenge you to beat it in 2019.


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