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New Taxi Photo Booth

White taxi for hire - wedding photo booth

New Taxi Photo Booth

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Since the inception of Megabooth, 6 years ago, the iconic black taxi has been a permanent fixture in a product line that’s grown far beyond car photo booths. From the distinct body to the leather seats, through to the wheels and the dashboard, nothing screams quintessentially British style like the London Fairway cab. It’s notoriously hard to hail down a cab in London, thankfully we have single handily solved this problem and removed the somewhat negative stigma about taxi drivers in the capital. We drive our taxis straight to the party – wherever you are in the UK.

From the classic black to wedding white and the graffiti embellished taxis, each of them possess a certain retro décor on the inside. Chandeliers, grass, flowers, garden gnomes, mushrooms and anything else we can stuff inside the back of the cab.

Although the current crop of taxi photo booths is an exciting proposition for corporate events, private parties, festivals and many more, it’s time to give one taxi a 2015 makeover. Soo… after a couple of weeks of head scratching, design disagreements and arm wrestles, the list has reached a possible 6 designs to choose from. To avoid a thumb war or several games of eeny, meeny, miny, moe to make a decision, we thought we would let you decide. Check out the designs here and comment below or on our Facebook page now.


You can expect to see the new taxi photo booth being revealed in the Spring, we may even have two new designs by then, who knows?

The current range of taxis includes the black taxi, white wedding taxi and two graffiti taxis – the enchanted forest and the jungle cab. We have exciting opportunities for sponsorship deals, photo booth tours, festival slots and Weddings. Enquire today for more information.

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