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#MyCalvins Photo Experience

Calvin Klein I _____ in #MyCalvins bespoke photo experience

Calvin Klein’s bespoke photo experience for their #MyCalvins campaign took place at the plush Victoria Gate shopping centre in Leeds.

Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins campaign is one of the most well documented and successful fashion trends on social media in recent times. Launched via Instagram #MyCalvins has been endorsed by the likes of Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar and FKA Twigs among others. The new Victoria complex brings together Victoria Quarter and Victoria Gate to deliver the most vibrant shopping scene and destination in Leeds city centre. Calvin Klein’s dedicated underwear store spans over 131 square metres, offering both its womenswear and menswear collections.

“In October it was reported over 179,000 photos on Instagram tagged #MyCalvins. Most are selfies of lean twentysomethings in their beds and bathroom mirrors, proudly united by cotton underwear bearing the name “Calvin Klein.” (

The basis of the campaign consisted of an individual photo with the words “I  _____ in #MyCalvins” overlaid onto each image in CK’s iconic font.  The #MyCalvins campaign was open to fans by either tagging their photo on Instagram or uploading them direct to the Calvin Klein website. A different word filled in the blank for example Bieber was “dreams’ in #mycavins”, Kendrick Lamar ‘Reflects’ and FKA Twigs ‘Excels’ in their Calvins. The hashtag language references an 80’s television ad featuring a teenage Broke Shields whispering, “You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvin’s? Nothing.” The brand strong advertising and celebrity endorsements past and present have played an important role in the current #MyCalvins campaign.

To bring the campaign to life Calvin Klein employed us to create a bespoke photo experience in the heart of Victoria Gate’s luxurious shopping centre . The Calvin Klein photo booth was covered in existing #MyCalvins images to attract visitors to post their own pictures via email and social media.
The preset Calvin Klein frames on the photo booth featured aspirational quotes including ‘I take what I want’, ‘Intimidate’, I am like no one else’, ‘I am myself’, ‘I am it’ and ‘Leeds’ – with the photo experience launching there.

Part of Calvin Klein’s brand experience included email marketing with all the uploads containing the users personalised photo and Calvin Klein e-flyer to keep in theme with the brands current email mail shots.

Further shopping destinations for Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins photo experience took place at Lakeside in Thurrock and Bluewater in Kent.


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