Multi Coloured Hearts Taxi Photo Booth - Megabooth

Multi Coloured Hearts Taxi Photo Booth

Multi Coloured Hearts Taxi Photo Booth

Black Cab Makeover – Multi Coloured Hearts Taxi Photo Booth

The Enchanted Forest Taxi Photo Booth is no more. In its place is something very different. Joining our famous fleet of taxi photo booths, the Multi Coloured Heart Taxi celebrates all things love with a psychedelic design that will delight and charm anyone that crosses it path. Hearts shouldn’t just be stored away and brought out once a year for Valentines Day when you spend your hard earned cash on overpriced flowers and restaurants, they should be celebrated all year round.

Multi Coloured Hearts Taxi Photo Booth | Black Taxi Photo Booth
Graffiti by Aeroarts

We like to think the Taxi design takes inspiration from the Emoji world. Emoji Hearts have quite literally become the little black dress of messaging – so simple and yet so versatile, on Instagram they have taken on a life of their own. For example, green hearts can be seen as movement to encourage people to ‘Go Green’. Yellow hearts shimmer and shine and tell us Spring is coming. The red heart speaks for itself.  We all have our own personal favourites too.

If the new Multi Coloured Heart Taxi is an explosion of colour on the outside the inside is multi sensory experience. We’ve covered the roof with even more flowers than ever before and kept it to our trademark green astroturf floor.

Are you in the mood for love?

The eye catching photo booth cab brims with colourful hearts that will captivate anyone it passes. We now urge you to join us and express your feelings of love and admiration.

You can find the Heart Taxi at Ally Pally for the string of live music events they have throughout the year, a number of music festivals across the UK and we hope some quirky weddings. This is the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd, make a statement and spread the love with a unique photo experience.

*Please note the new Multi Coloured Heart Taxi is real car with an engine. You will need to confirm available access to the venue you are holding an event or wedding before completing the booking.