Molton Brown Branded Gold Shimmer Wall

Molton Brown Christmas Product Launch

Molton Brown celebrates the launch of their travel Christmas Gift Set Range by hosting an event in London. 

The British fragrance brand Molton Brown has started the festive season with a sparkle. They hosted a 1920’s themed event inviting guests to come and view their new Christmas products, which themselves celebrate the Bright Young Things of the 1920s. The Bright Young Things were a young group of aristocrats in London who shocked the social norms by adopting a hedonistic approach to life. Back in the 1920s, the group gained so much attention due to their perceived outlandish behavior. Paparazzi often chased the group around London because of their celebrity status. 


Rosie Cook, the associate director of global travel retail for Molton Brown says, “This is a time of year for celebration and what better way to do so than by invoking the spirit of some of the most famous – and quintessentially British – partygoers of all time.”

The products released are a range of travel gift sets. In the gift set, you can find fragranced products such as bath & shower gels, body lotion, scented candles, and more. The collection captures the Christmas spirit, from frankincense fragrances to Molton Brown advent calendars and Christmas crackers. 


Branded gold shimmer wall backdrop


Gold Shimmer wall backdrop for rental

About the Christmas Launch Event

The Court, a new private members club in Soho, was the venue for the launch. The event space matched perfectly with the theme of the event. It sports an art deco theme, filled with 1920’s style brass, velvet, and wood. Stepping into this venue immerses you within a 1920s Great Gatsby scene. 

The event itself matched the atmosphere of the venue. Entertainment came from 1920s Gatsby style dancers, and of course, our studio style photo booth. This booth is equipped with a studio flash to capture high-quality images. Perfect for creating r Instagram snaps, and excellent for increasing brand awareness. 

Accompanied by the booth is our brand new gold shimmer wall. If you could have a pick of any photo booth background to match the 1920s theme of this event, this would be the one. Glitz and glamour is the perfect phrase to describe this backdrop, with the classy addition of the Molton Brown addition. We’ve included pictures of the gold shimmer wall with the sign below.

At Megabooth, we look to enhance brand experiences. The Tyla Bullet Rig is the latest example of this. 


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