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Microsoft LGBT Pride Campaign

Microsoft LGBT Pride Campaign – Pre LGBT Pride event with Microsoft employees

On Saturday 25th June 2016 the streets of London will be filled with people coming together for the LGBT Pride London Parade, and for Microsoft, being part of the Pride Campaign is much more than a parade. Their role is to support a global push for equality for the LGBT community, and in the wake of the tragic shooting in Orlando, there will be an extra effort and commitment to celebrate diversity and inclusion ahead of the parade.


Prior to the London Pride parade, the company brought the LGBT Pride party to their offices around London – in Reading and Paddington and the photo booth tour pulled together all the workforce and captures their messages of support from staff. The bright and bold LGBT branded photo pod is a favourite for the Megabooth team.


On the day of the parade Microsoft will invite people to join their UK GLEAM (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Employees at Microsoft) and walk the entire route of the parade and create a colourful festival atmosphere to brighten up the streets of London.

The GLEAM employee group has supported LGBT people for over 22 years, to find out more.



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