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Master the photo booth


Master the photo booth

5 tips to master the photo booth

We often get asked what’s the secret behind taking the perfect photo booth picture, so we’ve decided to break it down into 5 simple commandments you should follow before stepping in front of the camera.

1. Let your inner child run free! (and if you’re a child, just be yourself)

A photo booth isn’t the red carpet; you’re not at a glittering film premiere or the Oscars, it’s a photo booth, embrace your silliness, don’t be a stiff. Make sure you don’t let your granny outdo you when she puts on a pair of hippie glasses and an oversized fake moustache.


2. Don’t get caught in the booth with your pants down (not literally), prepare your props

Many people step into a photo booth unprepared and are caught like a deer in headlights when the countdown begins and they’re still shuffling around to find the perfect accessory. Instructions are simple, listen to the photo booth attendant when they say ‘prepare your props’ first.


3. Be creative…. and practice your poker face

Creativity doesn’t have to stop at a poker face, although they do often offer hilarious results. Think outside the box, and if you struggle with that just copy other people – they won’t mind and the attendant won’t tell. We can tell tales until their blue in the face of the effort people go to, but those people undoubtedly create the most memorable moments.


4. Get the squad, the more the merrier

When a photo booth attendant warns you ‘only 3 people maximum’, this is your cue to grab all of the gang and pile into the booth. Even if it’s only your ear in the photo, there’s no better way of capturing those outrageous moments when you attempt to switch props between pictures, make faces and change positions.


5.… Or get cosy with your better half

From the squad photo to the calming influence of your better half, photo booths possess a romantic aura or as the French like to say, a certain je ne sais quoi for loved up couples. Before you put on a panda mask, comical lips or let your friend’s photobomb, steel a kiss and get a snap that your respective families will put proudly above the mantelpiece.

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