Malfy Gin World - Bespoke Photo Booth - Studio Photo Booth

Malfy Gin Immersive Cocktail Experience

Italian alcohol brand Malfy Gin hosts a popup bringing the Amalfi Coast to the heart of Shoreditch. Our studio photo booth featured capturing all the moments to remember.

‘Escape to a Malfy World’ is the official slogan for the event, a fitting phrase to match the ambience of this experience. As you enter through the doors of Protein Studios in Shoreditch, each zone encourages a journey around the Amalfi Coast. From views of the magnificent landscape of the Amalfi Coastline to being surrounded by the scented lemon trees whilst nibbling on Antipasti and enjoying specialist Malfy Gin cocktails.

The photo booth at the event was situated with a view of the Amalfi Piazza and coastline. In this zone, guests could hop aboard a speedboat and take their Malfy Gin themed photo, with a printout of the image immediately available. Moreover, guests could instantly share their pictures via email to post wherever they’d like and show the world a totally unique Malfy experience.




Malfy Gin Photo Experience - Immersive Photo Pod


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