Lumiere London 2018  - A festival of light in London

Lumiere London 2018


Lumiere London 2018

Lumiere London 2018  – A festival of light in London

London transformed into a city of light and colour for Lumiere London 2018.  The striking light installations took place at landmarks including Regent Street, King’s Cross, Leicester Square and Westminster Abbey.

Lumiere London 2018
umiere London 2018 lighting installations Lumiere London 2018 silhouettes

Lumiere London is produced by arts charity Artichoke and commissioned by the Mayor of London. Sadiq Kahn described Lumiere London as a festival that transformed the city and offered new perspectives on the capital’s iconic streets and landmarks.

Artist inspiration

Artists that helped light up the capital included Julian Opie, best known for his cover art for Blur’s 2000 Best Of album. Opie’s LED display of a woman walking on the spot first premiered at Lumiere London in 2016. It became an immediate hit with shoppers in the heart of Carnaby Street.

American sculptor Janet Echelon created an enormous net sculpture over Oxford Street. The display was named after one of the astonishing impacts of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011.


One of the most impressive light installations came at Westminster Abbey by french artist Patrice Warrener. The light of the spirit enveloped the west façade of Westminster Abbey in colour and light. The display highlighted the architectural mastery of the building. Audiences across the 4 days witnessed the beautiful statuettes of 20th Century martyrs reimagined.

Patrice Warrener Lumiere London 2018

Leicester Square Gardens was an illuminated ecosystem with a giant frog, large ravens and a flock of stunning butterflies. The Nightlife installation was curated by the Lantern Company with Jo Pocock (UK).

Lumiere London 2018 Frog Jo Pocock

Artichoke Agency

Creative company Artichoke specialise in large scale events in public spaces. They began the Lumiere Festival in Durham in 2009, by 2013 the event pulled an incredible of 175,000 people.

“Lumiere is about changing expectations — buildings you think you know change their shape and appearance; public spaces become places where strange and delightful things happen. It makes everyone think differently about the city and what is possible.”

Lumiere London is a journey of discovery that weaved a nocturnal art trail through the streets of London. The light installations pose many interesting ideas for our Projector Pod and light painting photo experiences. Using light projections in your next activation is an exciting way to create the element of surprise for your customers. Using 3D displays to map on will bring your campaigns to life with an immersive activation that has the ability to illuminate your event and engage with customers.