Lucozade Find Your Flow GIF booth

Lucozade Find Your Flow GIF Booth Tour

Lucozade launched in bars and pubs across the UK in 2016 and part of the Find Your Flow campaign included a custom GIF photo experience.

The campaign was to reposition the brand less as a hangover cure and more as the drink of choice for busy people on the move who want to be on top form.

Lesley Stonier, Lucozade Energy’s marketing manager, said: “Research shows us that consumers are cramming more than ever into their busy lives and rather than just get through each day, they want to find their rhythm and enjoy their work and activities.
“Our new £14million campaign will inspire consumers to find their flow to achieve what they want in their daily lives, whilst enjoying a bottle of Lucozade Energy along the way.”

Lucozade has been a popular choice for athletes and sportsmen and women but has only been available in supermarkets and convenience stores up to now. Their new on-trade glass bottles targeted students, particularly around the fresher’s period at universities.

Part of the tour included a personalised GIF Booth to drive awareness for the Lucozade Energy Brand on social media.

The activation ran from September and October and featured at franchise chains including Oak Tree Pubs, Sizzling Pubs and O’Neil’s. The GIF booth activity ran across 8 outlets and was an opportunity for the brand to engage with students via an interactive GIF booth, which should be an added incentive to purchase a Lucozade bottle. The GIF Booth prompted users to share their Lucozade #FindYourFlow moment on social media – each pub had their own Twitter and Facebook handles for uploads.

The GIF Booth stopped in Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Harrow, High Wycombe and Brighton before culminating in London.


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