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Let’s Sanitise – Our Sister Company

An introduction to Let’s Sanitise. A new company we’ve launched specialising in branded hand sanitising stations.

As the lockdown in the UK eases, businesses will be looking to find ways to protect their staff and customers as they return into the workplace. At Let’s Sanitise, we provide a service where people can regularly practice hand hygiene while allowing businesses to add their digital signage to the sanitising station. Personalising sanitising stations with signage can hugely benefit businesses. This can act as a customer touchpoint – allowing passers-by to interact and remember your brand.

When looking for a hand sanitising station to suit your business, there are various factors to consider such as how much space you have or if you can attach the station onto a wall. We offer a range of different products, such as wall-mounted and free-standing hand sanitising stations, all of which we have in various options.

With pump and touch-free hand sanitiser options available, cleaning your hands has never been so important. Get in touch to find out how our products can help in the battle against COVID-19. Keep well and stay safe everyone.

Branded Hand Sanitisers - Free Standing Hand Sanitising Dispensers


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