Leicester Square Summer Screenings

Live Event Photography at The Leicester Square Summer Screenings


From the 8th to the 11th August 2019, Leicester Square curated a four-day Summer Screenings event featuring our Live-Event Photography and Sharing Station.

Recognised globally for hosting blockbuster film premieres and a celebrity guest list, Leicester Square rolled out their glamorous red carpet to anyone visiting the capital over the 4 days for their special Summer Screening series. This film festival allows everyone to come down and watch free films. From people passing by from work, tourists or the London locals. The film festival offers fantastic films and sing-alongs to allow you to become immersed. Blockbuster films such as; Moana, The Little Mermaid, Jurassic Park, The Greatest Showman and many more all were shown at this event, all for free as well!

Leicester Square first debuted the outdoor cinema last year, alongside the classic film screenings, visitors could also have beanbags and deck chairs to rest their behinds on and enjoy the warm summer temperatures. Staff at the event also handed out free popcorn for the viewers and ponchos when the weather turned ‘All British’.


Live Event Photography Experience at The Leicester Square Summer Screenings

While indulging in the free popcorn and films, visitors could experience our live event photography experience. Guests at The Summer Screenings had the opportunity to have their photo taken by one of our professional photographers. Visitors collected their photo from the Leicester Square branded kiosk, where they could also share the images via e-mail. Guests were delighted with the swift yet interactive process that our live event photography experience has to offer.


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