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New technology: Touch-Free GIF booth

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought footfall to a literal standstill for the retail industry. Now, Fashion retailers are looking to remedy this by implementing an interactive touch-free GIF booth to maximise brand exposure online.

With the coronavirus pandemic having to make us rethink everything we do regarding human contact, adapting the ways our photobooth’s work is a must. Bearing this information in mind, we’ve decided to create a touch-free GIF booth. The booth is designed in mind to be COVID secure by eliminating the need to touch to start or to send your GIF. 

How does it work?

Our touch-free photo booth works by users standing and waving their hands a minimum of 1 metre away from the unit. The camera will then recognise the movement and begin the session. 


Branded Touch-Free GIF booth


Once the recording has finished and the GIF is created there will be a unique bar code that pops up on the screen. 

The guest will then take out their mobile, scan the barcode and a link will show up on their screen. Once the link is opened the user’s GIF will appear. Each person will have the opportunity to send their GIF to themselves via e-mail after agreeing with the GDPR compliant terms and conditions. 



Touch-Free GIF Booth Data Capture

With the economy taking a huge hit due to the pandemic marketing efforts must be thoughtfully approached. Data capture has always been a popular method when businesses look to improve their strategy. However, the GDPR law ensures that companies collect data in the right way. Our hands-free GIF booth has the option of data capture which is fully GDPR compliant. Clients can benefit from our data capture service by gaining relevant information to improve customer experience. 

More features

In addition to the many features this photo booth offers, we are excited to let you know that the branding elements on both the booth and the QR code interface on mobiles are fully customisable. You can see in the images below the branding we showcased at the Karl Lagerfeld Regent Street store.

This easy to use touch-free gif pod can be paired as an unmanned photo booth to ensure the safety of its guests. The booth is sleek and stylish while not taking up a lot of space. For more information on this product contact us for more information –


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