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Karl Lagerfeld Permanent GIF Booths

Karl Lagerfeld Permanent Retail GIF Photo Booths in Europe


Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld was one of the most celebrated designers of the 21st century. Renowned worldwide for his aspirational, relevant and cutting-edge approach to style as much as his enigmatic persona and original perspective on fashion and pop culture. The Karl Lagerfeld brand invites consumers to discover the world of Karl. The fashion collections stay true to the man’s enigmatic persona, sharp wit, cultured vision and cutting-edge perspectives.

“Fashion is an attitude more than a clothing detail’.


Karl Lagerfeld Permanent GIF Booths in Europe - Custom GIF Booth La Vallee Village

Karl Lagerfeld Permanent Booths in Europe - Metzingen Germany - Megabooth


Karl Lagerfeld stores represent the personality of the brand – blending edgy modern design and classic elements. They put their principal focus on reduction and black and white as well as sharp contrasts in shapes and surfaces to create a multi-dimensional experience.


Karl Lagerfeld Permanent Booths - Custom GIF Booth Metzingen Germany

Karl Lagerfeld Permanent Retail GIF Booths in Europe - LaVallee Village France - GIF Booth Hire

GIF Installations Karl Lagerfeld Stores in Europe


After a successful campaign at Karl Lagerfeld in Selfridges, London, to coincide with the launch of their Kaia collection. The brand wanted to add an interactive element to their outlet stores in Germany, France and Belgium. These semi-permanent photo installations in retail spaces collect valuable data to help you create a customer profile while taking up a minimal footprint. Karl Lagerfeld stores include luxury shopping destinations in Metzingen and Wertheim in Germany,  Troyes, La Vallee and Pairs Saint Germain in France, and Maasmechelen Village in Belgium. Karl Lagerfeld has opened up a new outlet store at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire. The outlet stores in Europe positioned their booths next to the cash till. At Bicester Village they have positioned the booth between merchandise to maximise the wall space.

Karl Lagerfeld Bicester Village - Megabooth Permanent GIF Booth Hire London

Most of the Karl Lagerfeld stores are in outlet destinations that specialise in luxury shopping experiences while offering exceptional value. The flagship store in Paris spans over 140 sqm on two floors, with a marble staircase, chrome framing, parquet flooring and french panels as the main central elements.


Karl Lagerfeld Permanent Retail GIF Booths in Europe - Custom GIF Booth Icon


The GIF booth experience includes personalised gifs and email uploads.  The sleek freestanding units were customised with the iconic Karl Lagerfeld logo in the centre. The brand hired the digital booths on a long term contract; this gives them the ability to redesign the output depending on seasonal trends, product campaigns and competitions.

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