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Immersive Rooms – Neon Lights Tunnel and Infinity Room.


Give your guests a unique experience with one of our immersive photo rooms, the neon lights tunnel, and infinity rooms. Met Gala’s next-generation tunnel hosted the who’s who in the celebrity world, our light tunnel invites you to strut your stuff in the most futuristic way. The fluorescent LED lights pulsate, reflect, and flicker to create a sparkling neon vibe like no other.


Neon Lights Tunnel


The Neon Lights Tunnel from the future came to fame at the glittering celebrity Met Gala – a haven for new photo experiences. Their otherworldly theme ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology’ offered a unique photo booth filled with sparkling neon lights. Vogue challenged some of the Met Gala’s most-followed celebrities to strut their stuff inside a futuristic Instagram portrait studio. From Madonna to Kanye West, the fluorescent lights pulsated, flickered, and reflected off the night’s most jeweled and shimmering fashionistas. We’ve needed this in our life ever since.

If you love the Meta Gala light tunnel check out their Projection Room at the 2017 edition of the show. The Vogue Art Installation for the Met Gala inspired the creation of our Projector Booth. 


Infinity Room


The ultimate immersive activity, an infinity room provides a fascinating experience within the confines of a mirrored room covered in twinkling lights. The outside of the infinity room can be customised to suit your event with a professionally printed design. The photo captured comes from a beautiful art exhibition by Japanese designer Yayoi Kusama. The activation took place in The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas from our latest trip abroad.

Visitors were invited to step inside an uninspiring, but equally intriguing, white cube. Once visitors step inside the space, it’s silent and dark with suspended yellow lanterns by the dozens. Or hundreds or thousands, it’s hard to work out, they may as well stretch on for infinity. Step forward, and the lanterns brighten and dim in all directions. At the outset of the infinity, you realise that what you’re staring at is yourself. Forty-five seconds later, someone opens the door and the spell breaks. Did we remember to take a selfie? Just about. The $15 to pay to re-enter was worth it though.

Interested in the light tunnel and infinity room enquire here. 


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