Tips On How To Optimize Your Wedding For Social Media

How To Optimize Your Wedding For Social Media

How To Optimize Your Wedding For Social Media

Tips On How To Optimize Your Wedding For Social Media – Article by Naomi Shaw

Your big day is fast approaching and you want everyone invited (and even those who didn’t make it to the guest list) to be able to easily access photos, videos and other pertinent information regarding your wedding. How about optimizing your special day for social media?

By optimizing your wedding for Facebook, Twitter and all of your other favorite social media channels, you can easily share the happiest day of your life with everyone you know! With all of the planning you are doing, making your wedding social media friendly may seem like an overwhelming task; or, you simply may not know where to get started. Here are some helpful tips that will allow you to successfully optimize your nuptials.

How To Optimize Your Wedding For Social Media

Choose a Hashtag

A hashtag is an absolute must if you are going to make your wedding easily accessible via social media. It’s the tool that you, your guests, your venue, your vendors and anyone else who is involved with your wedding will use to easily access your big day events on social media sites.

When choosing a wedding day hashtag, keep these three tips in mind:

1.Make it unique. You don’t want to have the same hashtag as anyone else; if you do, your wedding will get confused with any other couple, event or business that is using the same hashtag.
2.Make it memorable. You want everyone to remember your hashtag so that they can actually use it.

3.Make it encouraging! The more fun it is, the more people will be likely to use your hashtag!

Try to combine your last names, or use something related to your wedding; for instance, you might want to use #going(insert groom’s last name), or #happilyever(insert groom’s last name.) These options are fun, memorable and unique.

Make Sure Your Hashtag is Used

Your hashtag won’t do much good if people aren’t using it, which means that your wedding won’t be easily visible on social media.

How can you encourage others to use your hashtag? Make it visible! The more people see it, the more likely they will be to use it. Feature your hashtag on your wedding website; post it on your save-the-dates; put it on the props for your wedding photo booth so guests see it, use it and display it in their photos.

Speaking about a photo booth, you should definitely have one if you want to make your wedding social media friendly. Setting up a place that is specifically designated for taking pictures at your event is the perfect way to invite your guests to share how much fun they are having on your big day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Photos and social media go hand-in-hand!

Don’t Over-share

You are so excited about your wedding and naturally, you want to share all of the details with everyone you possibly can; however, over-sharing these details on social media can take the element of surprise out of your wedding. You want to wow your guests, and if you are sharing too much information, your guests won’t be as dazzled when they see how you’ve pulled everything together in person.

Another downside to over-sharing; you could make those people who aren’t invited feel bad.

Things you should avoid sharing on social media include:
• The flowers
• Your makeup and hair trials
• Details about attire (your gown, the tuxes, the bridesmaid dresses, etc.)
• The menu
• Song lists

Don’t be Attached to Your Phone

While you may want to share your event on social media, you don’t want to be attached to your phone throughout the entire wedding. Constantly snapping pictures and posting them on social media will take you away from your wedding. This is a once in a lifetime event; you don’t want to miss it because you spent the entire time hashtagging on Twitter.

If you want to share your wedding on social media, keep these tips in mind so that you can do it right and have an amazing time.

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