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How To Make Your Home More Photogenic

The home is where you make many happy memories, so it is no surprise that this is somewhere that people take many photos with friends and other family members. This means that you will want your home to look attractive and stylish in each shot, but often you will find that a house never looks as good as it could in photographs. It is worth taking few steps to improve the visual style of each room of the home so that the space is more welcoming and photogenic and you can take great pride when flicking through your family photos years from now.

How To Make Your Home More Photogenic

Avoid Clutter

You certainly don’t want to be looking through old photos years from now and notice that there was always clutter around the home as this looks untidy and does not represent you well. Therefore, it is important to keep the home clean at all times and to have storage solutions for clutter.

Maximise Light

Maximising light in the home will stop photos from coming out dark and dingy and will make the room and subjects much more attractive. You can maximise light through opening the curtains or pulling up the blinds, keeping the windows clean and through the use of mirrors.

Avoid Blank Walls

Nothing looks more soulless in a photo than a blank wall. It is for this reason why you should make sure that you have artwork or photos on each wall to add colour, interest and visual appeal to the shot and to show your personality and decorative style.

Add Personality

Although you want to avoid clutter, you will also want the home to look lived in and a reflection of your personality so you need to find ways of doing this. A few good options include personal photographs on the mantle, DVD cabinets, record collections, artwork etc.

Add Colour & Life

Adding colour and life to the home can help it to feel fresh, attractive and more welcoming. You can do this with a vase of colourful flowers, a fruit bowl filled with fresh fruit, and large plants. Whatever you choose can be tailored to your preferences, it’s no good filling your home with items you dislike, after all.

Replace The Radiators

Radiators can be unsightly, which can bring down the tone of any photograph taken in the home. Instead, an Apollo radiator can look fantastic in any room of the home and bring plenty of style so that they stand out for the right reasons in any photographs taken inside.

Make It Look Comfortable

It is vital that your home is comfortable and you will want to make it look so in any photographs. You can add comfort through cushions, blankets, candles, fireplaces, inviting chairs etc.

Lots of photographs get taken in the home, so you will always want this to be an attractive space, which is a good reflection of your personality. It can be hard to make a home photogenic, but the above advice should improve different rooms of the house and ensure that any photographs taken inside will come out well and show that you have a beautiful, stylish and welcoming home.





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