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How to Dress for Your Next Corporate Event

How to Dress for Your Next Corporate Event

Knowing what to wear for a corporate event can be a challenge. Do you want to wear something that’s comfortable because it might make you feel confident and relaxed? Or do you go all out and dress to impress because there are going to be people there you want to make a good impression on? Both are appropriate, but which way you go depends on the type of event you’re attending. It’s often a good idea to check whether there is a dress code before you start trying on different outfits.

The three most common dress codes are as follows:

Business attire – For men that’s a suit, with or without a tie. For women, it is a knee-length dress or skirt with a blouse and closed-toe shoes.

Business casual – Generally business casual is considered to be trousers for men, together with a collared shirt. For women, it’s much the same as for business attire.

Black tie – For men, this is the traditional tuxedo whereas women should wear dresses, either long or knee-length.

Dress Professionally

If you’re attending an event because you want to take your career to the next level you need to dress professionally. If it’s a works party you’re attending, think of it as an informal interview of sorts, and you won’t go far wrong. If the event is a corporate conference or industry event, aim to dress to impress, not forgetting, of course, the all-important accessories. A watch, for example, can say a lot about you to people you meet. Buy your Panerai watches online, and you’re sure to make an impression.

Be Prepared

Corporate events are great places for networking as long as you’re prepared. Carry all your networking tools with you in your bag and make sure they’re easy to get at. Your fellow eventers aren’t going to be very impressed if you’ve got to turn your bag out to find your phone, business cards or a pen.

Do Your Research

As soon as you receive your invite find out as much as you can about the event. You know where the event is being held, so check whether it’s a casual venue or a more formal location. If you can, take a trip there and get a feel for the place, or failing that, call the venue or investigate online.

One last tip is to keep your closet fully stocked with appropriate event attire. You never know when you’ll receive an invite or be dragged along last minute. Include suit jackets, pants, heels, loafers, button up shirts and blouses, even blazers. A little trick, if you want to make a bold statement, is to add the right accessories. Something as simple as a necklace for ladies and a watch for men can keep your outfit professional looking but still be glamorous enough for an evening event.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be more confident next time you receive an invite to a corporate event. Finding the right outfit is not as hard as you first thought.





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