Geometric Patterns | Using Geometric Patterns in Photography

Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns – playing with shapes and lines

Experimenting with geometric patterns in photography have become an incredibly exciting tool for creating exciting visual content.
Shapes and lines are highly flexible, visually compelling and in some cases very functional. In photography, they can bring vibrancy and life to an image or a softer elegance and style to them.

Bullet Time | Geometric Patterns

The essential element to using geometric patterns in photography is that you’re using them to complement your visuals not distract them. Planning a photo experience around shapes and lines, you need to use the different layers to enhance the primary subject. Using different compositions of shapes, patterns, and colours gives images a sharp, engaging and playful aesthetic

Geometric Patterns | Projection Mapping

We have introduced geometric patterns into our photo experiences with our Bullet Time camera array, Ball Pit Booth and Projection mapping. Geometric backdrops are available with Photo Pods and GIF booths too.  Using a variety of different compositions through shapes, patterns and colours can assist in creating stunning abstract visual.

ballpit | Photo Booth RoomsThen again, maybe an excellent abstract picture can be created at times by accident…


Talking of shapes and lines, we came across the work of Danish artist Carl Krull. His practice primarily centres around drawing with each piece containing endless line after line detail. They flows across the composition in waves, drips, and swirls. At first glance, there’s a machine-like precision to Krull’s work, but lean in a little closer and what you see feels a lot more organic and imperfect. We love it. You can view some of the Danish artist’s work below or visit his website.

Carl Krull | Geometic Patterns 1

Cal Krull | Geometic Patterns 3

Carl Krull | Geometric Patterns 2

Who says geometric patterns and photography should be separate? Nobody, that’s who! Bring geometric shapes and patterns into your photo experience for visual splendour.





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