Garden Room

Sneak peek at The Garden Room

There’s something about a Garden Room that is so universally appealing. They create a tranquil space to retreat to, a secluded little spot to escape the world around you.

The Garden Room is another addition to our latest crop of immersive spaces available to hire with our Boomerang Pod, 3D Camera ArrayPhoto Pod, and Photographer.

The contemporary Garden Room temporarily removes you from the struggles in life, the stresses of work and general malaise. Besides the visually enhancing appeal of greenery within a space, the Garden Room offers a therapeutic sense of wellbeing. Research suggests plants have a positive psychological and physiological impact on our lives.

Designed with faux plants, the Garden Room’s stunning and striking design will inspire your guests. It’s just a whole lot easier to go faux nowadays!

Why Greenery?

Firstly, green is a calming colour. It’s in the centre of the spectrum, a tone of balance. Green is a colour that never becomes tiresome. It’s a symbol of fresh beginnings.


The Pantone Colour Institute named green the colour of the year in 2017.  Green is a fresh and vivacious colour that dominated the fashion world and interior design trends. Greenery even became a staple addition to trendy London offices, stylish shopfronts, and household decor. Digging deeper into the Pantone Colour Institute, they choose a Pantone that reflects the current cultural climate. Greenery serves as a reminder of the importance of community and unity in the face of political and social uncertainty.

Inspired by the lush and effervescent hues found in nature, the Garden Room provides a shade of green that communicates a positive message about brighter and better things to come. The Garden Rooms adds colour, texture, and depth and offers a complete change of energy once you step inside.

Nature has the power to refresh our mind, body, and soul and if the idea of that appeals to you, we have the photo experience to match.

Book your meeting in the Garden Room at Confex 2018 by emailing us with your preferred meeting time.

Check out our range of creative rooms including the Glitter Cube and Ball Pit Booth.


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