#Edenlive Bullet Time Experience

Bullet Time Brand Activation #Edenlive


Eden Fine Art Gallery hired the Bullet Time photo experience for their exclusive #Edenlive events.



From the very beginning, Eden was not meant to be static; it headed somewhere.


Mayfair’s exclusive fine art gallery Eden turned into its biblical namesake for the latest edition of #Edenlive. For their most recent celebration in fine art, the gallery space transformed into an earthly paradise capturing the imagination of their artists in preview Dorit Levinstein and Yoel Benharrouche.

The gallery turned into its very own conservatory with natural scenery from set designers Palmbrokers. They adorned the space with plants and trees to stimulate and invigorate all the senses. Palmbrokers created a biblical forest canopy, replacing the snakes and apples for neon signs and Love letters, for visitors to immersive themselves in for a more cathartic Bullet Time experience.


Benharrouche’s signature style radiates block colours, unusual forms, and curved shapes, promising to bring a new dimension to spirituality. Levinstein shares many of the same believes in her work. She plays with continuous lines and playful patterns, teasing her audience much like the snake goading Eve to succumb to the forbidden fruit. Sculptor and painter Levinstein explains that magical moment when the artwork starts to come alive and takes the lead. Drawing similarities between the birth of an artwork and the story of Genesis.

The Eden Live event showcases the world’s hottest artists such as Alec Monopoly, Angelo Accardim David Kracov and Yoel Benharrouche. You can view photos and Bullet Time videos from Alec Monopoly’s widely acclaimed event back in June 2018.



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